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IF YOU NEED CLEARING THEN WE CAN ASSIST YOU. Foreign tourists cannot import cars only on temporary basis.

Automobiles and motorcycles are heavily taxed and require approval from the Ministry of Commerce prior to forwarding of vehicle from origin. Customs value at what they have in their index and duties for second hand cars will range from 215% to 300%. Later vehicles (must prove legal ownership)






Importing a car into Thailand, whether new or used, for personal use or for sale, you must pay taxes and duties and these duties can be excessive up to 300% so be warned. You bring the car in at your own risk and the car tarrif is based on what the Thai Customs think not what you may think.


DO NOT SEND A CAR TO THAILAND HOPING YOU WILL BE OK. ASK US FIRST BUT PLEASE SEND ALL INFO AND PICS TO US. NEED: MAKE, MODEL, YEAR, MILEAGE, HOW LONG YOU HAVE OWNED THE CAR etc.On sending cars to your own country ask YOUR Customs and Road Transport for the imporeting regulations on the vehicle you wish to send. We do not do this

We now as at May 2012 can sell you Zone Free new cars from Thailand: please ask us for details

. Used vehicles are restricted goods and generally not allowed for importation into Thailand, except for temporary imports as mentioned above or imports under the conditions specified by the Ministry of Commerce.

Importer will need to obtain an "Import Permit" from the Ministry of Commerce. Each scheme has its own specific requirements. It is important that the importer should find out whether he can meet those requirements before committing.

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The importers under the criteria listed below are eligible to import ONE used/ secondhand vehicles for personal use
  1. Nonresidents & FOREIGNERS  Only those who are Nonresidents with non-immigrant visas issued by the Immigration Department and work permits issued by the Ministry of Labor to work in Thailand for at least one year at the time of importation are allowed to import motor vehicles to Thailand. If you are on a tourist visa or retirement visa you cannot import a car
  2. Thai Residents The Thai residents are divided into 2 categories:
    1. Returning Thai residents working/studying/living abroad The permanent import of personal vehicles under this condition is allowed only when the vehicle is accompanied the owner on the change of residence and the importer have owned, possessed, and used the imported vehicles together with the valid driving license for at least one and a half year while staying abroad.
    2. Returning Thai residents marrying foreigners It is required that the importer have owned, possessed, and used the imported vehicle while staying abroad for at least one and a half year, from the date of transferring of ownership to the date of arriving in Thailand. In addition, a Marriage Certificate and relevant evidence indicating the change of residence to Thailand must also be shown to Customs.

Documentation & what you need if you Qualify

The documentation required for permanent import of brand new personal vehicles include:

  1. An Import Declaration Form;
  2. A Bill of Lading or Air Waybill;
  3. Sale documents (if any);
  4. A Delivery Order (Customs Form No. 100/1);
  5. A Foreign Transaction Form 2 in case where the CIF value of the imported vehicles exceeding 500,000 Baht;
  6. An insurance premium invoice; and
  7. Other relevant documents (if any).

However, additional documents as listed below are required in case of the permanent imports of used/secondhand personal vehicles:


  1. A House Certificate and Identification Card;
  2. A passport in case of changing residence;
  3. A Vehicle Registration Certificate indicating that the imported vehicles was used abroad;
  4. An import permit from the Ministry of Commerce





Import Clearance Procedures

The importer will be required to complete all the formalities to clear the vehicles through Customs at the port of entry. To avoid any you must have:

  1. The importer/agent submits an Import Declaration Form together with all supporting documents to the Customs office at the port of entry;
  2. Customs verifies the documents, and assesses liable taxes and duties;
  3. The importer/agent pays liable taxes and duties at the Cashier Division, the Customs Department; and
  4. The importer/agent presents the receipt issued by the Cashier Division to Customs at the warehouse to take the imported vehicles from Customs custody.

Tax and Duty Assessment

An individual who imports vehicles for personal use, or a commercial importer, may be considered an importer and liable for payment of taxes and duties. The Customs value of the imported vehicles shall be determined on the basis of the CIF value (Cost & Insurance & Freight).

Imported vehicles are the used ones, the amount of taxes and duties collected will be reduced according to the age of the vehicles as shown in the given table below:

Table of Tax and Duty Rates

Type of Vehicles Cylinder Capacity

Duty (%)


Excise Tax (%) (Multiplier) Interior Tax VAT Total (%)

Personal Vehicle


Not exceeding 2400 cc. 80 35(0.5691057) 10



  Exceeding 2,400 cc. but not exceeding 3000 cc. and less than 220 horse power 80 42(0.7468124) 10 7 250.82
  Not exceeding 3000 cc. or with more than 220 horse power 80 48(1.0169492) 10





Off road four wheel drive vehicles Not exceeding 2400 cc. 80 29(0.4258443) 10 7 182.819
  Exceeding 2,400 cc. but not exceeding 3000 cc. and less than 220 power horse 80 29(0.4258443) 10 7 182.819


Example Calculation of Taxes and Duties


The following example shows a breakdown of the liable taxes and duties assessed on the vehicles less than 2400 c.c. cylinder capacity with a CIF value of 1,000,000 Baht. CIF value of the imported vehicle and applicable taxes and duties are as follows:

CIF value of the import= 1,000,000 Baht

Import duty= 80 %     Excise tax= 35 %    Interior tax=

10 % of excise tax + VAT 7%

 The total import duties and taxes imposed on this import are calculated as follows:

1. Import duty = (CIF value * Rate of import duty)=(1,000,000 * 0.8)= 800,000 Baht

2. Excise tax = (CIF value + import duty) * {Rate of excise tax/1-(1.1 * Rate of excise tax)} = (1,000,000+800,000) * {0.35/1-(1.1*0.35)} = 

1,800,000 * 0.5691057 = 1,024,390.20 Baht

3. Interior tax = Excise tax * Rate of interior tax = 1,024,390.20 * 0.1 = 102,439.02 Baht

4. Base VAT = (CIF value+ Import duty+ Excise tax + Interior tax) = (1,000,000 + 800,000 + 1,024,390.20 + 102,439.02)= 2,926,829.20 Baht

5. VAT= Base VAT * VAT Rate = 2,926,829.20 *0.07 = 204,878.04 Baht

Total taxes and duties = 1+2+3+5 = 2,131,707.20 Baht



For additional information in relation to the clearance of personal vehicles, interested person may contact the Formalities Section, Privilege and Investment Promotion Sub-Division, Import Formalities Division, Bangkok Port Customs Bureau; or Privilege and Investment Promotion Sub-Division, Import Formalities Division, Bangkok International Airport Customs Bureau; and all ports of entry during office hours.

SEE [  TEMPORARY IMPORTING VEHICLES ] INTO THAILAND RULES. For returnijng Thais wanting to bring cars into Thailand please send full details of car: year, make, model,cc rating, when purchased and specs. We can clear cars for you once we know these facts.



[ More info on Shipping cars to Thailand ]

SEA FREIGHT: Shipping containers is either by 20ft FCl or 40ft FCL. See the below stats.


Dry containers come in several sizes 20-40ft or FCLs:

• 20' with a payload up to 28.3 metric tons
• 40' - both 8'6" and 9'6" high cube - with a payload up to 30.4 metric tons
• 45' - 9'6" high cube - with a total capacity of 86 cubic metres

20ft standard 20' x 8 x 8.6" Cubic Capacity 33.2m2  or 1172ft

Weight Max Payload Max Gross Weight Internal length Internal Width Internal Height
2300 kgs 28180 kgs 30480 kg 5898mm 2352mm 2393 mm
5070 lb 62130 lb 67200 lb 19'4" 7'9" 7'10"

40ft standard 40' x 8 x 8.6" Cubic Capacity 67.7m2  or 2390ft

Weight Max Payload Max Gross Weight Internal length Internal Width Internal Height
3750 kgs 28750 kgs 32500 kg 12032mm 2352mm 2393 mm
8265 lb 63385 lb 71650 lb 39'6" 7'9" 7'10"

40ft high cube 40' x 8 x 9.6" Cubic Capacity 76.4m2  or 2700ft

Weight Max Payload Max Gross Weight Internal length Internal Width Internal Height
3940 kgs 28560 kgs 32500 kg 12032mm 2352mm 2698 mm
8685 lb 62965 lb 71650 lb 39'6" 7'9" 8'10"



When sending a shipment by sea we need to know the following information


What are you sending Destination port of entry
How many cbm (cubic metres)
Pickup or you deliver to us






Ocean Full Container Load Port To Port & LCL any quantity of goods.
Shipping Lines we select offer reliable sailing dates with just transit times at competitive rates.
Services include :
Scheduling appropriate sailing date
Seal container ready for ocean transportation
Prepare export declaration for our customer & arrange DHL direct to you.
Deliver container to port of exit
Container is Ocean freighted to destination port
In addition to all the cautious steps we take for your shipment, we also provide full coverage insurance from first rate companies if wanted.

We can book your container for a specific date
Complete packaging service & quality control
Wood crate items as well
Label and count number of pieces with invoices
Load items into container securing for a secure anti-friction transit

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