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Suvarnabhumi closure costing 3 bln baht per day


(Bangkok Post.com) 28th Nov 2008. Board of Trade of Thailand secretary-general Pornsil Patcharintanakul claimed on Friday that the closure of Suvarnabhumi airport is causing 3 billion baht of damages to cargo transportation per day; 1.8 billion baht to importers and 1.2 billion to exporters.The most affected goods are food and other agriculture products. Approximately 30 to 50 SMEs would have to halt production if the airports situation does not return to normal within a week, said Mr Pornsil.Federation of Thai Industries chairman Santi Vilassakdanont said he was told by electronics industry companies they would have to immediately halt production if they cannot send cargo within 1-2 days. Continued closure of the airport would exponentially cause damage to shipment of agriculture produce, food and electronics, Mr Santi said.Department of Internal Trade chief Yanyong Phuangrach said his agency would facilitate distribution of perishable goods that cannot be exported, by selling them at markets.Rachane Potjanasuntorn, director-general of the Export Promotion Department, said the Ministry Of Commerce Service Link is addressing exporters' problems concerned with the airport closure and that his department is working in close collaboration with the Thai Federation on Logistics over this problem.Cargo is being sent on trucks bound for airports in Malaysia and Singapore, according to the chairman of Thai Federation on Logistics, Krirkkla Sonthimas. Mr Krirkkla said shipping cost would increase by 25 per cent or more.



Thailand directory and Thailands No1 original Trading Post


Shell will tomorrow raise its petrol and diesel by 40 satang per litre, bringing the retail prices to the new record highs. The octane-95 petrol will be Bt43.59 while diesel will be Bt43.44. The decision followed PTT's decision to raise its pump prices by 80 satang per litre today, to catch up with other retailers' move late last month. Pump prices are increased in line with the recent spike in global oil prices. West Texas today retreated to US$141 per barrel, before hitting a new record high at $142.99 on Friday on concerns of supply disruption due to violence in Nigeria, Iran and Lybia.


These are inbcreasing by the month now and a Container will cost double that from 1 year ago. All air freight leaving Thailand increases every month now and the goping rate is 13 baht as at July 2008 per kg.

Export shock: Trade deficit hits $675 mln 

Thai exports grew 15.5 per cent in August, the slowest performance this year, while imports were up 26.9 per cent, leaving the kingdom with a $675 million trade deficit, the Bank of Thailand said Tuesday.The value of Thailand's exports totaled $15.79 billion, up 15.5 per cent from August 2007, the central bank said. The rise was lower than July's 44-per-cent jump.The export slowdown was led by declines in rice shipments and prices while rubber exports also dropped in volume, the bank said.Thailand, the world's leading rice exporter, enjoyed a trade windfall in June and July this year when rice prices soared on the world market.But world rice prices declined in August, and Thai rice exports, deemed overpriced because of a domestic price-support scheme, have faltered.The value of Thailand's imports in August totaled $16.46 billion. (dpa) Bangkok Post. Oct 1st 2008

Request to hold fees

The Commerce Ministry yesterday asked shippers to delay any increases in bill of lading fees and terminal handling charges until next week while authorities study the matter.The ministry's Internal Trade Department made the request after meeting with representatives of the Thai National Shippers' Council (TSNC) and the 50- member Bangkok Shipowners and Agents Association (BSAA), following complaints by Thai exporters.The exporters said the increases were unfair and would cause further difficulty at a time of global economic turmoil. They asked the department, in its role as a price regulator, to examine the justification for the higher fees.TSNC chairman Suchart Chantaranakaracha said shippers were told yesterday to detail their higher costs and submit information to the department.According to Mr Suchart, certain BSAA member shippers had already raised their bill of lading fees and terminal handling charges from Oct 1, citing higher costs. Other shippers are expected to raise their fees soon accordingly.The BSAA said it had increased the fees in part to help offset losses on some members' routes.The bill of lading fee has been raised by 60% to 800 baht from 500 baht, while the terminal handling charge has been raised to 3,900 baht from 2,600 baht for a 20-foot container, and to between 4,200 and 4,500 baht from 3,900 baht for a 40-foot container.Higher bill of lading fees are expected to increase expenses of Thai exporters by about 1.1 billion to 1.2 billion baht a year, while the terminal handling charge increase would raise expenses by another five billion baht a year. Bangkok Post. Oct 5th 2008



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Thailand directory and Thailands No1 original Trading Post





Our Pattaya Office is closed and we now work from our Bangkok Main office. Can pick up any shipment and we pack on site or at our depot in Sukhumvit Rd. Just email us all info. We can clear, pack, and transport anywhere in Thailand or Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia for you




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