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SHIPPING BY SEA freight LCL means ( Lower than container Levels) with min 1cbm

(1x cubic metre) or 1m x 1m x 1m



Thailand directory and Thailands No1 original Trading Post


All shipments for Personal every customer must sign an Indemnity form to cover us regarding all shipments. Pallets/boxes /cardboard ontainers we can supply and will not accept pallets from customers shipping LCL. Due to drugs etc and contraband we will no longer ship and pack goods and take responsibility if you do not sign our Indemnity form.





SEA FREIGHT: The minimum package if sending by Sea Freight is 1cbm WHICH IS 1M X 1M X 1M. All LCL ( lower than container level cargo) is packed in wood crates. eg. Personal items, bikes, goods etc BUT NOT garments. See white packs above.


Sea freight
POD : Auckland ,New Zealand
Rate : $US.....per /CBM
T/T : 23-25 days
Sailing : PAT Sun Weekly
Local charge and customs clearance
B/L (Bill of Lading)                       THB 500.00/Set
Surrender of B/L                          THB 500.00/Set

Courier Fee by DHL             THB 1,200.00/Shipment
Handling Charge                  THB 2,500.00/Shipment
Customs Formality               THB 2,000.00/Shipment
Shipping Charge                  THB 2,000.00/Shipment
Customs Surcharge THB 270.00/Personal 200.00/Comp
Packing & Fumigated           THB 2,500.00/CBM (Packing with wooden crate)

If soft items not breakables Packing can be cheaper by cardboard boxes & hessian wrapped: 300baht per box 3 per cbm. 70cm x60cm x60cm

Transport charge                  THB 1,500.00/Trip (Pick up with 6 wheel from Sukhumvit 62  load to container in PAT Klongtey)
Gate Entry                           THB 380.00/Pick Up



If Garments ( or any soft wear no breakables) we pack in Pattaya using cardboard boxes & hessian wrapped before shipping. In the quotation above you do not need Fumigation nor Wooden crates unless you are sending wood or breakables.

If sending personal items by sea please send us a

Packing list of all items to be sent.




When sending a shipment by sea we need to know the following information


What are you sending Destination port of entry
How many cbm (cubic metres)
Measure 1m x 1m x 1m - 1cbm

Send a picture as well and if machinery, cars, bikes etc send measurements



When asking us for a quotation and you wish to send personal items please tell us exactly what you are shipping. Itemize all articles so we can tell you if you need fumigation, clearance from Customs and Fine Arts depts etc. We will not quote you if you do not list all items you wish to ship. Try to work out how many cubic metres you need to ship. Min 1cbm and this means 1m x1m x1m. LCL = MEANS LOWER THAN CONTAINER LEVELS. Over 1cbm the price gets cheaper so the more you do the cheaper it becomes.



Buddha heads are very sentitive for Thais to send so be aware as many shippers will not ship because one item may be a head that now needs to be cleared by the Dept of Fine Arst and the Customs. Many headaches shipping these now so we do not send relics even if copies. OUR COMPANY CAN SHIP BUDDHA HEADS OR MASKS OF ANY MAKE OR KIND THAT ARE BUDDHA COPIES ETC. BUT BE AWARE OF THE CUSTOMS CHARGES





Ocean Full Container Load Port To Port & LCL any quantity of goods.
Shipping Lines we select offer reliable sailing dates with just transit times at competitive rates.
Services include :
Scheduling appropriate sailing date
Seal container ready for ocean transportation
Prepare export declaration for our customer & arrange DHL direct to you.
Deliver container to port of exit
Container is Ocean freighted to destination port
In addition to all the cautious steps we take for your shipment, we also provide full coverage insurance from first rate companies if wanted.

We can book your container for a specific date
Complete packaging service & quality control
Wood crate items as well
Label and count number of pieces with invoices
Load items into container securing for a secure anti-friction transit

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* WELL ESTABLISHED - Operating since 1998
* QUALITY ASSURANCE - DFT Dept foreign TradeRegistered.
* PROFESSIONALISM - Members of EAN Thai Federation of Industries
* LOGISTICS & OWN PACKING - Pickup & deliver to your door
* COMPETITIVE RATES - We pass on our bulk buying rates.
* CUSTOMER SERVICE - Friendly, experienced staff.
Logistical Import Clearing and Exports by land, air and sea


Thailand directory and Thailands No1 original Trading Post





Our Pattaya Office is closed and we now work from our Bangkok Main office. Can pick up any shipment and we pack on site or at our depot in Sukhumvit Rd. Just email us all info. We can clear, pack, and transport anywhere in Thailand or Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia for you




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